SERTY Member Bulletin 1/2023


Spring meeting on Monday 29 May, 2023

The statutory spring meeting, during which the 2022 annual report and financial statements will be discussed, will be held on Monday 29 May at 9:30 am on SERTY’s office premises at Pasilankatu 2, Helsinki, Finland. An invitation to the meeting will be sent to all contact persons of member companies. Welcome!


Producer register information service and whistleblowing form

Waste and Producer information in one place 

Jätehuoltokompassi is a service maintained by the Finnish Environment Institute, the purpose of which is to improve access to information about producers registered in the waste sector and to make it easier to find official services and websites related to waste and certain products. The service is in the implementation phase, so there are still gaps in its information.

Producer register information service

From the information service of the producer register, you can get information about producers accepted into the producer register, producer associations, authorized representatives and members of producer associations, as well as about managing producer responsibility. The name of the producer, producer association or authorized representative and social security number or foreign company number are published in the information service. The producer responsibilities and producer associations to which it has joined are published. If the producer’s producer responsibility obligations are handled by an authorized representative, the information service also contains information about the person giving the authorization, which could be, for example, the operator of an online shopping platform or a company established in another country that sells products to Finland remotely. Producer associations publish information about the producers belonging to the association. Packaging producers are still missing from the register.

Whistleblowing form

Do you believe that a company operates on the Finnish market and neglects its producer responsibility obligation? Ely-keskus has a publication form, through which you can report the company. The form can be found: Whistleblowing


Producer responsibility event on 1 November, 2023

This year, the Tuottajavastuuiltapäivä event will be held on 1 November. More detailed program will be released after the summer. The program and registration link will be sent to the contact persons of member companies in September. The event is free of charge for the participants. Please note: Event is held in Finnish only


Changes in company registration

If your business ID changes or a foreign company is granted a Finnish business ID, it must be reported to SERTY’s office without delay office(@)serty.fi – producer responsibility is allocated to the business ID (VATnumber).


Your business logo

If you want your logo in the list of members page, logos can be sent to office(@)serty.fi.


Numerus – reporting portal is renewing

The recycling fee reporting program Numerus is going to be renew with in 2023. New Numerus Nova is scheduled to launch in beginning of January, 2024