SERTY Member Bulletin 1/2021

SERTY figures for 2020

SERTY collected and forwarded 25,762 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment for appropriate processing and recycling, equivalent to an increase of 3% on the previous year.

A record amount of 3,995 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), which is 34% more than in 2019, was collected in stores.

In 2020, SERTY made a loss of approximately EUR 90,000.

Member companies reported placing 47,432 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment on the market in 2020. In 2019, the corresponding figure was 48,159 tonnes.


Progress in the Waste Act

The amendment to the Waste Act, which has been under preparation for a long time, has taken a step forward. What is significant for the producers of electrical and electronic equipment is that international monitoring of distance selling will be more effective, and that recycling fees be staggered based on the environmental effect of the equipment, taking account of life cycle, recyclability and degree of harmfulness. The European Commission will issue more detailed instructions on the implementation of the fees.

More information on the matter is available (in Finnish) in the release published by the supervisory authority, Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment: https://www.ely-keskus.fi/uutiset-2021/-/asset_publisher/wunrvszgFqL0/content/jatelaki_uudistuu.


SERTY’s 20-year history has been published

‘SER-KELE, kierrätinkö oikein?’ has been published in Finnish both as a book and a PDF version (available on the front page at www.serty.fi). The book tells the story of SER-tuottajayhteisö ry SERTY from the period 2000–2020, during which, for instance, a comprehensive equipment waste collection network was established. The history can be ordered as a book free of charge by sending email to office@serty.fi.


Numerus has been updated

The recycling fee reporting program Numerus was updated at the end of April. The new address for reporting is https://numerus.serty.fi, which link is included in all automated messages.


Spring meeting on 24 May

The statutory spring meeting, during which the 2020 annual report and financial statements will be discussed, will be held on Monday 24 May at 9.30am on SERTY’s office premises at Pasilankatu 2, Helsinki, Finland. An invitation to the meeting will be sent to all contact persons of member companies. Welcome!


Producer responsibility event on 4 November

This year, the Tuottajavastuuiltapäivä event held in early November will be held on 4 November. A more detailed programme will be released after the summer. The programme and registration link will be sent to the contact persons of member companies in the course of September. The event is free of charge for the participants.


Inform us of any changes

If your company’s name and/or business ID changes, please inform our office immediately by sending an email to office@serty.fi. Producer responsibility is directed at them. When the business ID changes, the producer responsibility agreement must be updated.

The person reporting your recycling fees can alter your details, such as invoicing and contact information, in the Numerus system, although the changes can also be reported by sending email to the aforementioned address of our office.


Display of business logos

We still need some company logos for the member page: https://serty.fi/jasenet/jasenluettelo. Those can be sent to office@serty.fi.