SERTY Member Bulletin 1/2020

Figures for 2019

SERTY member organisations have reported placing a total of 48,159 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment on the Finnish market. In 2018, the volume was 43,222 tonnes, so there has been an increase of 11%.

In 2019, the volume of equipment collected in shops increased slightly, by about 4% year-on-year. Shops collected 2,982 tonnes of lamps and electrical waste.

SERTY collected and forwarded 25,138 tonnes of equipment waste for appropriate processing in 2019, equivalent to an increase of 15% year-on-year.

Zero Waste to control collection containers

The ZeroWaste application of Enpos Oy (www.enpros.fi) has been selected as the supplier of SERTY’s logistics control system. In the future, WEEE containers can be ordered more easily, and transportation planning will become efficient, than ever.

WEEE is collected at more than 450 regional collection points and in almost 2,000 stores throughout Finland. For SERTY, this translates to 2,500 truckloads and 400,000 km of transportation a year. The average route for one pickup is 475 km.

Recycling fees unchanged until end of 2020

Despite the coronavirus situation, SERTY’s financial situation has remained stable. As a result, the 2019 recycling fees will remain in force in 2020.

Recycling fees for 2021 will be decided on by the end of August, with member companies being notified appropriately.

20th anniversary of SERTY

SERTY was founded in July 2000, so this summer marks the 20th anniversary of SERTY. SERTY was entered in the Finnish Register of Associations in January 2001.  We will celebrate our anniversary on 5 November 2020 at the producer responsibility event (Tuottajavastuuiltapäivä), where we will also publish the SERTY chronicle.

Invoicing of May reports

The reporting of recycling fees for May has now begun. As usual, you can report fees until the 15th, but on this occasion, due to Midsummer, reports will be turned into invoices on Thursday, 18 June. Any reports after that date will be included in the following month’s invoicing (June).